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Winnebago County Republicans reject the will of the voters

​If you think the idea of Republicans choosing to reject the will of the voters is just liberal hysteria, you need look no further than the Republicans on the Winnebago County Board.  

​In June 62% of voters approved a slight levy increase to fund the River Bluff Nursing Home to cover the $2 million plus deficit the home is running. The nursing home has seen no tax levy increase in 33 years.

​Sixty-two percent of voters agreed that a 0.05% increase in real estate taxes was appropriate to provide the resources the nursing home needs to deliver adequate care. Think of that - 62% said yes to a tax!

​But the Republicans on the county board, urged on by their realtor patrons, reject any idea of increased taxes, regardless of legitimate need. So now they have miraculously ‘found’ a surplus in the county budget to use instead of the tax increase. They are literally rejecting the will of the voters in favor of a small well-funded special interest group. The surplus they found is temporary, and while they say the money is there, they have failed to actually allocate the money to River Bluff.

​Voters expressed their will. Republicans rejected it and are acting in the opposite manner. Voters need to replace these board members with people like Lindsey Lancaster and Richard Kennedy, who will listen to voters and act on behalf of us all, not just some special interests. 

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