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Why not us?

Our neighbors to the north demonstrated to us how things can change.

In 2016 Wisconsin went strongly to the Republicans. In 2023 a campaign focused on reproductive rights and personal freedoms won the day handily. The campaign focused on getting out the vote and their message. They succeeded!

Which begs the question: Why not us? Here in northern Winnebago county while the more mainstream candidates won for school board roles (yay!), turnout was dismal. Less than 20%. We can take that as bad news as well as good.

The bad is obvious. So few of our neighbors weighing in on issues that impact us all.

The good news comes in two ways. Our opponents aren’t doing any better than we are, and it is a situation we can change. There is time. The next election will be the primary in March of 2024, so just under a year.

An ongoing effort to put out our message throughout the year, hopefully in a variety of ways, and a coordinated outreach effort could change our numbers in ways that could impact elections from county board to Congress.

Two things are needed. We need more hands to lift the load. The commitment isn’t a daily or even weekly need, but maybe a commitment to a few hours per month. We also need funding. Currently in both the activity and the funding areas Northern Winn Dems relies on many of the same people. We need to expand the circle.

So, we ask: Can you help? If you are reading this can you post it to your Facebook feed so more see it? Can you help by spreading the word in other ways? Can you spare a few dollars to donate at our site or by a check to our P.O. Box (Box 82 Roscoe 61073)?

We can create the change we want. We have the time. We just need the effort, the energy and the funding to make it happen.

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