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Thick Action

During the Montgomery bus boycott in 1955, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. talked about

how, without the people, the Constitution is simply words on paper. He said “democracy transformed from thin paper to thick action is the greatest form of government on earth."

During an election year there are many ways regular folks can take action to create the change you want to see. Voting is the most basic and simple way. It is free, and can be

very easy.

Here at the Northern Winn Dems we have many other ways to get involved. We meet each month toward the end of the month; a 60-90 minute meeting to discuss activities here in the state line area (details at Some months we meet in person and some months via Zoom. It can be an opportunity to share your thoughts, hopes and ideas with others in the area.

As elections approach, there will be other opportunities to act. Some folks like to canvass the community, going door-to-door to advocate for our candidates. Some folks don’t feel comfortable doing that, but help by calling or sending postcards to voters.

We hold a few public community events each year; you could help us organize and set up the events.

A simple way to act is by letting your elected officials know how you feel about issues. Senators and Representatives place high value on actual snail mail letters rather than e-mail,

mass post cards or social media posts. That a constituent takes the time to actually create and send a letter shows a commitment to the issue and therefore should be taken notice of. For our congressional district, IL16, the Rep. is Darin LaHood. He's at 1424 Longworth HOB, Washington DC 20515.

Take thick action for the causes that are important to you. Get involved at the level that meets your schedule and abilities.

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