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The Republican the 16th may inherit

In the redistricting map that was created in the aftermath of the 2020 census, the 16th district (currently represented by Adam Kinzinger) was combined with portions of the old 17th and 18th districts. For our area, the new 16th, the Republican running in 2022 is Darin LaHood. He currently represents the old 18th. Kinzinger is not seeking re-election.

Rep. LaHood lives down in the southern part of the district, just north of Peoria. He’s a right-wing Republican with a weak legislative achievement record. Out of all the Illinois representatives, LaHood has introduced the 3rd lowest number of bills. This session, he got three pieces of legislation passed, two of which were re-naming post office branches.

LaHood’s website touts him as very pro-gun and very anti-choice. His preferred method of gun safety is to focus on mental health, but his record shows no support for funding mental healthcare. So in reality his preference for gun safety appears to be prayer? (He does claim a very strong religious faith).

LaHood’s website states he believes life begins at the moment of conception. In the current post-Roe world, that can mean no allowances for abortion care for women regardless of the risk to the life of the woman. It can also mean severe limitations on the options for contraception. Speaking of which, in the recent vote to legislatively confirm a woman’s right to contraception, LaHood voted No. This man does not support a woman’s right to select the best contraception for her health and situation.

Being an advocate for the “rights of the unborn” apparently does not extend to support for the born. This past spring Congress passed emergency legislation to provide $28 million to the FDA to increase the flow of infant formula into stores. Rep. LaHood voted against that bill.

One last note on Rep. LaHood: On January 6 he voted with the insurrectionists to decertify the duly certified electors from Georgia, Arizona, Wisconsin and Michigan.

Darin LaHood does not represent the beliefs or the interests of the voters of the Illinois’ 16th District.

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1 Comment

Renee Mealey
Renee Mealey
Jul 26, 2022

LaHood makes my blood boil! Who is running against him??

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