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Take a look in the mirror

As I write this and as you read this, I’ll suggest this is a “take a look in the mirror” moment, a “what are you able to do” moment. (And yes I apply those to myself too.)

It’s accepted as fact that our local community is deep red Republican territory. And it may be that for 2022. But a reason why the radical right has managed to capture state houses, judge’s seats and such is they have maintained an effort year after year after year. A county board seat here, a state rep there, bit by bit they kept focus. And that begs the question: Why not us?

As the saying goes, “no time like the present”. We lack candidates for too many local and state offices. Perhaps 2022 is not the year we’ll break through, the year we win, but it can be the year we start, it can be the year for those who may want to run to start to learn the processes, it can be the year for those who work behind the scenes to do a little bit more to support those who run.

As a young salesman, I struggled to make progress with my skills, while I envied the abilities of those who were consistently successful. I eventually learned many of the consistently successful didn’t have inherent ability or skill, they practiced. A friend defined it as “the simple art of showing up”.

2022 can be the year when we define how we’ll measure progress and how to achieve those goals. Things as simple regarding how many meet-n-greet events we can schedule, how many new voters we can register, how many of our yards have our signs in them.

More can be done locally. But, we need more participation, we need your participation. We need your ideas and your energy. We need the county Democratic party to actually show some awareness that there are voters north of route 173.

Time is an expensive commodity for us all, but when you consider the damage done to our society by the far right it seems too costly to not do what you can. A small amount here and there adds up. At our website (same place you may be reading this), there is a contact form. Sign up and plan to join us at our next meeting on-line, July 28th. Register here. Hope to meet you on-line or in person soon!

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