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Support Lindsey Lancaster for Winnebago County Board District 2

Northern WinnDems is proud to support Lindsey Lancaster for Winnebago County Board District 2. Lindsey is a mom, a community volunteer, and a life-long northern Illinoisan. We’re supporting her because we’re confident she’ll fight for our families. Lindsey will work to ensure the people of Rockton learn everything they need to know about the possible long-term effects of the Chemtool disaster - and she’ll work to ensure nothing like that ever happens in Winnebago County again. She’ll advocate to bring safe, good-paying jobs to our area, and she’ll fight to make high-speed internet more affordable and accessible in our most rural areas. That’s all good - and super important.

But why someone runs for local office is just as important as what they say they’ll do when they get there. Two events over the last 17 months compelled Lindsey to step up, to get out of her comfort zone, and to run for office.

Lindsey was at home with her one-week old baby, just over a mile away from Chemtool, when it exploded. We were all concerned about what we were breathing, what was falling on our lawns, what was seeping into the groundwater, but a mom’s concern over all that with her newborn, well that’s a whole other level. The events of the next weeks and months confirmed to Lindsey that the local leaders’ first priority was not protecting our community. Flash forward a year later when Lindsey was at work at her church with her 7 year-old daughter and heard the news Roe had been overturned. Now it’s the national leaders not protecting her or her daughter. Lindsey had enough. She’s a natural leader, a do-er, so she knew she needed to start doing more to fight for our families. She made the decision to run.

Lindsey isn’t part of the local power structure. No one recruited her to run. Lindsey’s running for county board because she knows decisions are being made today that will affect our children and our grandchildren for generations to come. She knows the county board needs new eyes and a fresh perspective, a perspective that puts our people first.

We trust Lindsey Lancaster will bring that fresh perspective and sincere motive. In the current environment, she can win this county board seat, but only with our help.

Thank you for supporting Lindsey Lancaster for County Board!

District 2 contains most of Rockton, parts of South Beloit, and all of Durand. It’s the purple area in the map above.

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