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Solving Immigration: Not Republicans

In his recent newsletter to constituents, Rep. Darin LaHood (IL16) states that “fixing the

border” must come as a top priority before other issues. Good thing a bipartisan group of senators led by Sen. Lankford (OK), Sen. Murphy (CT) and Sen. Sinema (AZ) have created a bill that addresses the needs for the southern border in multiple ways.

But Rep. LaHood is among the large group of Republicans who oppose this legislation. The legislation meets all of LaHood’s criteria:

  • There is funding to add more border patrol agents

  • There is funding for added detention space so that fewer of those that cross are

  • released.

  • There is funding for more immigration judges so that asylum claims can be processed much faster.

  • There is a tightening of rules associated with asylum claims.

  • The bill has the support of the union representing border patrol agents.

This bill is very conservative and misses many of the priorities that Democrats prefer.

But, Democrats recognize a change to the existing situation is needed and the changes defined are ones many can accept. In other words, Democrats recognize that the needs of the country must come before partisan needs.

Not so for Republicans and Rep. LaHood. They have said that they will not pass this bill

during an election year because “it would give Joe Biden a win”. Further, immigration is a

problem that resonates with many voters. Republicans want to be able to campaign focusing on immigration problems. In other words, rather than address a need for America, Republicans want to keep the problem as it is so they can use it as a campaign issue in the fall.

Even if Republicans can win the White House in 2024, they will not have sufficient

control of Congress to get all of their wants on immigration. They know this to be true. So, their solution to a problem they call a top priority is to do nothing rather than something. They have no alternative solution.

When thinking of where to spend your vote this year consider who is trying to solve problems and who is trying to create a campaign ad.

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