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Show Support for the Talcott Library Pride Event!

MONDAY June 26th

Last week, the Talcott Free Library in Rockton posted a Q&A event they are hosting featuring the beautiful Krystal Ball to provide a place for our youth to learn about drag queens. Unfortunately, a small but very loud group of people have blown up the post spewing hateful, abhorrent, far right propaganda and rhetoric, and straight up homophobia and transphobia. Not only that, but they are trying to rally a group to protest at the library board meeting next week.

This is where you come in! Let’s show these bigots that THEY are the ones unwelcome here. Rockton and the surrounding communities not only welcome drag queens and the LGBTQ+ community, but we celebrate them and lift up their voices.

Please join us at the board meeting to show our support the the library, the drag community, and to all of our children, who have the right to learn about all the different types of beauty in the world. Monday, June 26th

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