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Roscoe Township Benefits from State’s Financial Stability

Extreme financial mismanagement under the last Republican administration left Illinois unable to provide grant funding for community projects, but now Governor Pritzker has put Illinois

on a path to financial health. His administration has:

  • Enacted four balanced budgets that invest in key priorities, including healthcare, education, and public safety, and pay down debts from the prior administration

  • Provided $1.8 billion in tax relief to working families, including eliminating the grocery tax for one year, freezing the gas tax increase for six months, and offering up to $300 property tax rebates per household

  • Eliminated the state’s nearly $17 billion bill backlog so Illinois is paying its bills on time and saving taxpayers money

  • Stabilized state finances, leading all three rating agencies to upgrade the state’s credit rating six times

  • Consolidated 650 local pension plans to provide greater returns and save taxpayers money

  • Reduced state pension liabilities by fully funding pension contributions, going above and beyond with payments, and expanding the employee pension buyout program

  • Closed $655 million per year in corporate loopholes

All this has enabled Illinois to begin the largest infrastructure program in state history, rebuilding our crumbling roads and bridges, as well as awarding grants to community projects.

Roscoe Township has benefitted from those grants, receiving an IDNR Park and Recreational Facility Construction grant in the amount of $704,000 and an IDNR Open Space Lands Acquisition and Development grant in the amount of $337,000. That’s a total of $1,041,000 invested by the State of Illinois into Roscoe Township’s Founders Park project, far more than Roscoe Township has ever received previously.

Thank you, Governor Pritzker!

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