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Republican Policies: from Silly to Dangerous

Across the country Republican legislatures and governors pursue policies that range from just plain silly to simply dangerous.  A common thread among them is that they take away people’s rights and protections.

Let’s start with the more light hearted and silly of their recent moves.  Gov. DeSantis of Florida recently signed legislation that prevents companies from making or selling lab created meat.  Not veggie burgers, but actual meat that is grown in a laboratory.  The technology is in its infancy and certainly no threat to Florida cattle ranchers.  A key point is that the Florida legislature and governor remove from Floridians the right to make their own choices on what they might or might not eat.

Reproductive rights have been under attack by Republicans nationwide.  Since the Supreme Court overturned the Roe v. Wade decision, Republican legislatures have enacted laws that make reproductive care harder for the women in their states: 

  • In Idaho, doctors who help women with their health care can face up to five years in jail if the state determines that abortion, necessary or not, was part of responsible treatment.  

  • The Arizona Supreme Court recently upheld that an 1864 law, that is not a typo, 1864 law that prohibits abortion, with no exceptions, could be enforced.  It should be noted that Arizona Democrats in the state were successful in removing that law after three tries, but Republicans plan to try to enact an updated version of the same restriction.

  • Florida has recently applied a new law restricting abortion care after the first six weeks of pregnancy.  Six weeks is often so early that a woman may not even be aware she is pregnant at that point.  

On and on they go.  Throughout the south, and in other Republican led states, women’s freedom to make their own healthcare choices is under attack.  Here in Illinois we have laws protecting women’s freedoms, but if Trump and the national Republicans have their way they would enact national bans that could remove freedoms here.

Texas and Florida have both acted, in recent months, to remove protections for workers in their states; removing the freedom of workers to be safe in their jobs.  It is no longer allowed for local counties or cities to create safeguards for workers who work outdoors, such as construction, landscaping and so forth.  The laws eliminate any requirements to allow workers a 10-15 break when heat indexes exceed certain values.  The laws also protect businesses who behave irresponsibly toward their workers in this manner.

When considering who to support with your vote this year consider which party is trying to remove your freedoms and which are working to protect and ensure your freedoms.  Democratic lawmakers consistently act for your protections, Republicans do not. ns do not. 

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