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Protecting our Students and Teachers

Last summer, before the state school mask mandate, the Hononegah School Board bravely stood for science and public health, mandating masks in school buildings. The Policy and Personal Committee recommended a science-based Return to School Plan. Meeting minutes are available here. On August 4, 2021, the full School Board held a Special Meeting, formally adopting the plan. Meeting minutes are available here.

Later, the local anti-mask brigade joined with covid lawsuit grifter Attorney Thomas DeVore to sue Hononegah. Yesterday, DeVore and the anti-science crowd had a rare win when a judge temporarily blocked Hononegah from enforcing the mask mandate, overriding the action our local school board had taken.

Thank God Governor JB Pritzker believes in science and cares about our students, teachers, allied staff, hospitals, and healthcare workers. He's asked Attorney General Raoul to immediately appeal the ruling to the 4th District Appellate Court.

We applaud the administration's actions to keep our students safe and in school.

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