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Magda and Ricardo for RVC on April 4th

There are two open six-year term seats on the Rock Valley College (RVC) Board of Trustees.

At our January 26 meeting we were fortunate to meet with Ricardo Montoya Picazo and at the February 23 meeting we were fortunate to meet with Magda Mohamed, each of whom are running for one of those seats.

Magda is local to our area, having grown up in Machesney Park. She is an RVC alum. Like many local students, Magda used her time at Rock Valley to complete key required courses and to define the direction she wanted her education and career to take. After completing an Associate’s Degree, she went on to Loyola where she completed her Bachelor's degree. She then went on to earn a Masters of Divinity from Harvard University. She is currently a doctoral candidate at Boston University. Magda has served as a chaplain in hospital and high school settings, and worked as a program director at a non-profit whose mission is to end elder isolation.

Magda’s path is like many others who use the general courses to both define their direction in life and complete courses that can transfer to a four year institution like Loyola, University of Illinois, or many, many others. Nearly 70% of students at Rock Valley College follow this path.

The current RVC Board has a strong focus on the technical/vocational tracks that are offered. Many of these provide students with work skills as machinists, programmers or other skills needed for the well-paying careers in area industries. The role RVC can play in this career path is important and can ensure students have the skills to excel and succeed in good paying jobs in local industries. Magda and Ricardo both hope to become board members who can advocate for strong vocational training as well as a strong transfer program.

At our meeting Magda noted the under-utilized capability that RVC has to serve a wider range of our community, including senior citizen learners, as well as those just starting their process of creating a path for themselves. She feels that RVC can become a greater means to knit our northern Illinois communities together.

Similarly, Ricardo speaks of his role as trustee to serve as an ambassador to the various segments of our community, that by connecting services to needs we can prepare students, address professional career challenges, and develop networks for economic growth.

Northern Winnebago Dems hope that you will give both Magda and Ricardo due consideration and support and cast your vote for both of them on the April 4th ballot.

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