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Local Elections Matter

“Members of the Rockford Zoning Board of Appeals on Tuesday rejected an effort to prevent a planned Auburn Street abortion clinic from opening in Rockford after a quasi judicial proceeding that resembled a court hearing.”

This quote from a December 21st Rockford Register Star article serves as a clear and loud reminder that local elections matter.  The Rockford Zoning Board of Appeals members are appointed by the Mayor. 

In April there will be an election that will determine many municipal positions, school board positions, and similar roles.  Ensuring that those elected represent the values we hold dear is critical.

On January 26th Northern Winnebago Dems ( will be holding a 2023 kick off meeting to make sure we actively support candidates who share our values.  Please consider joining us, or if you cannot attend, please reach out to us to make the connection and we will ensure we keep you up to date on activity.  2023 can be a year when we continue to shift northern Winnebago County toward more progressive representation and you can be part of that change.  

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