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Haderlein for Congress

​Republicans would make good magicians. Their sleight of hand and misdirection seek to convince voters that focusing on past elections, restricting women’s rights, and promising to impeach administration officials, can reduce inflation, fix a disjointed job market, and ensure prosperity. It’s easy to focus solely on economic issues, but it is important for voters to consider the whole range of issues that their vote might impact.  

​Our economy, in the short term, is challenged by a wide array of cross winds. We are not immune to the global inflation that exists worldwide, but steps are underway to lessen its impact on Americans. Supply chain issues have been addressed successfully by the Biden administration. The cost of a shipping container was over $20,000 six months ago, is now well below $5000, and is continuing to drop. The backlog of ships waiting to bring goods to our ports has dropped from well over 50 down to single digits. The shortage of infant formula has been resolved.   

​The Republican solution to supply chain issues is to complain about the 2020 election. Their solution to inflation is to threaten investigations and impeachments of administration officials. They still want to further reduce taxes on the wealthy, not the middle class, just the wealthy. They’re hoping Americans won’t notice the destruction Conservative Prime Minister Liz Truss recently brought to the UK economy with her tax cuts.     

For Independents and Republicans the choice of candidate for the Illinois 16th Congressional District should be clear and simple. Lisa Haderlein provides clear and specific ideas to address our needs.  

​Her opponent Darin LaHood offers little but generalities and complaints. His legislative accomplishments total up to renaming a few post offices. He has initiated no bill of substance that has gone anywhere in Congress.   At least Adam Kinzinger was able to work with his peers on both sides of the aisle to create legislation to address issues like rural broadband and similar access issues important to rural Illinois. LaHood has no legislative agenda that will benefit rural voter access to health care, access to markets or address resources for rural school districts.

​Here in Illinois we enjoy protections that ensure a woman’s right to make her own health care choices. LaHood would take that away, eliminating access to abortion treatments and many contraceptive choices.

​If voters give thoughtful consideration to all a representative can do to impact our lives they will conclude that Lisa Haderlein is the best choice for us in IL-16. Learn more at


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