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Financially stable, working for Illinoisans

As many of us know, having financial stability creates the freedom to make choices. That’s exactly what the Pritzker administration and Democrats in the Illinois General Assembly are providing now - for the benefit of us all.

The Family Relief Plan came into effect on July 1 and will provide financial assistance to Illinois families. The sales tax on groceries will be suspended for one year. Between August 5th and 14th, there will be a 5% roll back on taxes for back to school clothes and supplies. A little planning on what is needed and buying during that time will save you money.

In the near future tax rebate checks will be sent out to Illinois households. The amounts aren’t huge, but they’re something - $50 per household up to $200 or more depending upon your income and the size of your household. All this is due to the efforts of the Democratic governor and Democratic legislature.

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