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Don’t Gloat. Vote!

Donald Trump is now a convicted felon. There's a lot about that statement worth celebrating:

  • Finally!  Finally, he is being held to account for some of the misdeeds he has committed. 

  • The justice system represented by a judge who certainly erred on the side of reasonableness to ensure that the trial was fair and unbiased.

  • The justice system, represented by a dozen citizens on the jury, spent five weeks of their time and considered the evidence carefully before returning guilty decisions on thirty-four charges of illegal activity.

Many of us may want to rejoice in the verdict. But, a guilty verdict in this trial does not prevent Trump from running for and winning the election. Only voters can ensure that he does not return to the Presidency. A convicted felon can run for office. A businessman whose business was found to have committed widespread fraud can run for office. A man who was found to have sexually assaulted a woman can run for office. Sadly, these statements all apply to Trump. 

It may seem odd, but it is true that a person who probably could not get hired for a job at a strip mall t-shirt shop can run for President, but it is true.  

To win in the next election we need citizens to stand up and participate. We need people willing to knock on doors to encourage voters to come out and vote for President Biden. We need people willing to fill out postcards that encourage people to get out and vote. We need people to phonebank and reach out to people to vote.

A sad fact is that the largest group of voters that did not vote for Joe Biden in 2020 were not Republicans, nor students, nor Latino or African American voters. The largest group of people who did not vote for Joe Biden in 2020 were those who did not vote at all. Getting those citizens to be registered and vote can be the difference in winning the next election.  

You can help! Join us at our next meeting - June 25 at 6pm at the Talcott Library - to learn how.

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