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disconnect between what he says and what he does

Rep. Darin LaHood wants to represent the people of IL-16 in the next Congress. For those of us in eastern Winnebago county, we are still within the redrawn 16th district. Rep. LaHood’s old district, the 18th, becomes the 16th in the next election.

Voters need to look carefully at LaHood’s record. It’s not very long. His sole legislative accomplishment in the past few years is to get a few post offices renamed. But there’s also a disconnect between what he says and what he does. When Congressman Darin LaHood says he supports someone or something, check his actions, not just his words.

Rep. LaHood says he supports veterans, but when the PACT bill (often called the burn pit bill) came up, he voted against providing more access and resources to serve veterans impacted by toxic air from burn pits and agent orange.

When the opportunity came to vote to limit insulin costs to $35 per month in the Inflation Reduction Act, LaHood voted against it.

He likes to complain about inflation and household costs, but never offers solutions.

Rep. LaHood used the shortage of infant formula as a talking point a few months ago, decrying how bad the problem was, but when the vote came to fund accelerated imports of formula and to expedite hiring of inspectors to address the shortage at the FDA, he voted against solving those problems.

Most importantly, Mr. LaHood claims to be pro-freedom but has voted against a woman’s freedom to make her own medical choices and against the freedom of women to select the contraceptive options that best fit their needs.

Heck, can’t even decide what kind of Republican he wants to be. His facebook page still has his picture with Trump and a statement of Trump’s endorsement, but he also welcomed the opportunity to have Pence keynote a fundraiser back in May.

When Darin LaHood says he supports something or someone, make sure to check what he actually does before you believe him. He is not the best choice to represent us. Lisa Haderlein will be a much better choice for us here in IL-16.

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