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Critical School Board Races

Our solid public education system has played a crucial role in making our country prosperous and strong. The school boards that direct our schools are key to maintaining that strength. That’s why the April 4th election is so very important.

Northern Winnebago County has great public schools and we want to keep them that way. That’s why we’re endorsing the incumbent slate for Hononegah Community School District 207 - Dave Kurlinkus, Evan Schoepski, and Mary Lewis. They’re 1st, 2nd, and 3rd on the ballot. These folks have done an excellent job of navigating Hononegah High School through these trying times and keeping Hononegah number one in the region. We know Hononegah will continue to succeed under their leadership. You can find more info or ask them questions at Kurlinkus, Schoepski, Lewis for Hononegah 207.

For Harlem School District 122, some of our favorite board members, like Evelyn Meeks, aren’t up for reelection this year. We’re supporting the slate backed by the Harlem teachers (because teachers know!) - Megan Hastings, Vickie Huwe, Micheal Sterling, and Caryssa Dooley. All are community-minded parents who have children in, or who graduated from, Harlem schools. You can find out more at:

Now, we’re confident all these candidates will work diligently to advance science, democracy, and equity in our schools, and we’re equally confident that many of their opponents will not. Several opponents in both districts are associated with the disrespectful, science-denying extremists who’ve been so disruptive in schools and at school board meetings across the country. Our kids are stressed enough without radical adults bringing their political agendas into our schools. The candidates we’ve endorsed are a mix of conservatives, liberals, and centrists, united in their willingness and ability to work well with others to achieve the greater good.

For Rock Valley College Board of Trustees, we are thrilled to support Magda Mohamad and Ricardo Montoya Picazo. Both are community college graduates who went on to earn advanced degrees. Both have long records of public service and original ideas about how to help Rock Valley College meet the diverse needs of our community. You can learn more at:

Your vote counts in these school board races so much more because so few people vote. Don't miss your chance to determine what kind of people sit on these important boards.

If you have your vote by mail ballot, fill it out and send it in asap!

If you want to vote in person before election day, you can do so at:

  • Winnebago County Administration Building, 404 Elm Street, Rockford

  • Monday through Friday 8:30am – 4:30pm

  • Additional hours: Saturday, April 1, 2023 8:30am until Noon

If you want to vote on Election Day, the polls are open April 4th from 6am to 7pm. Find your polling place here. Once an early ballot has been requested, the early voter may not go to the polls to vote on Election Day.

Any questions? Contact the Winnebago County Election Department at 815/319-4250. Have a friend in the area who needs to be reminded to vote? Send them a link to this blog. Our children and our teachers thank you!

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