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A debt and an obligation (don’t worry not the financial kind)

After the election, we here in northern Winnebago County have a debt and an obligation. We owe a very large debt of thanks to Lisa Haderlein, Richard Kennedy and Lindsey Lancaster. Each stepped up to take on a very difficult challenge in this election. Each put themselves out there and put in great personal efforts, all three. As Democrats we are rightfully proud of them and are grateful to them.

We also owe a debt of thanks to the volunteers who canvassed door to door or who supported the campaigns financially or in myriad other ways.

The fact that these three did not prevail is not a reflection of their efforts or in the quality of their candidacy. Each clearly was a better candidate than their rivals, but none could find the key to overcoming the inertia of non-voters or the tribal nature of voters who blindly vote for the “R” despite that candidate being a much worse choice.

There is a quote: The difficulty of the task does not relieve us of the obligation to try.

A lack of success this time does not ensure a lack of success in the future. There may be other alternative ways to inspire voters to vote. There may be other alternative ways to overcome the tribal nature of some voters so that they see clearly that the candidates they supported do not act in their best interests. We have the obligation to be forward thinking. We have the obligation to think creatively about alternative ways to engage voters and the community at large.

For now, the holidays are nearly here. A time to engage with friends and family. Early in the new year, we will be looking to meet as a group and re-engage our efforts to advocate for our values and policies. So watch this space for the when and where. When we do meet please bring your thoughts, your ideas, your enthusiasm so that we may renew our efforts and lift each other up to achieve success in the new year.

So, thank you Lisa, thank you Richard, thank you Lindsey.

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