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In anticipation of our Zoom meeting this evening, here is a list of the majority of candidates for next weeks primary as well as the "Measure To Consider" which questions an increased tax for the River Bluff Nursing Home. We look forward to discussing the various candidates tonight, especially the race for the Secretary of State position!

Local Candidates

Winnebago County Board Democratic Members

Unexpired term

District 1 - Aaron Booker

District 9 - David Kelley

District 10- Joe Hoffman

District 12 - Jaime Salgado

District 13 - Angie Goral

District 14 - Timothy Nabors

District 15 - Christopher Scrol

District 17 - Bryan Amezquita

District 18 - Dorothy Redd

Winnebago County Board Members

Running for reelection

District 2 - Jim Webster (R) Incumbent; No Democratic challenger

District 3 - Jay Durstock (R) John Guevara (R) No Democratic challenger

District 4 - Brian Lindmark (R) Incumbent; No Democratic challenger

District 5 - Dave Tassoni (D) Incumbent; Teena Newburg (R)

District 6 - Richard Kennedy (D) Keith McDonald (R) Incumbent

District 7 - Paul Arena (R) Incumbent, Michelle Lewis (R); No Democratic challenger

District 8 - John Butitta (R); No Democratic challenger

Winnebago County Treasurer

Susan J Goral (D) Incumbent

Steve Schultz (R) former Winnebago County Board Member District 3

Randy Johnson (R)

Winnebago County Clerk

Lori Gummow (R) Incumbent

Michael Delgado (R)

No Democratic challenger

Measures to consider:

Question 1

Advisory Question of Increasing the Tax Levied by the County of Winnebago


Shall the County of Winnebago, Illinois continue to own and operate a short-term rehabilitative/long-term skilled nursing facility, for the residents of all incomes, by increasing the amount levied by the County from 0.0445% to 0.1%, for the specific purpose of maintaining the River Bluff Nursing Home?" (i.e. The property tax rate increase on a $150,000 home would approximately result in a $25 annual increase on your tax bill)

State Candidates

Illinois Governor

Beverly Miles (D)

J.B. Pritzker (D)

There are 6 Republicans running in the primary

Darren Bailey (leading) far right campaign, Gary Rabine, Max Solomon, Paul Schimpf; 4 out of 6 are Trump supporters

Illinois Attorney General

Kwame Raoul (D) incumbent

3 Republicans

Thomas Devore wants the opt out of sex education for kids

David Shestokas Trump supporter

Illinois Secretary of State (Democratic incumbent Jesse White is not running)

Alexi Giannoulias (D) was state treasurer 2007-11 and was loan officer for his family’s Broadway Bank which failed

David Moore (D) says he is the only candidate without any ethical baggage

Sidney Moore (D)has not collected any donations or registered any expenses with the ISBE

Anna Valencia (D) husband is a lobbyist and she was criticized for mixing her personal and profession email accounts

Dan Brady (R) front runner for Republicans

John Milhiser (R)

Illinois Comptroller

Susana A Mendoza (D) incumbent

Shannon Teresi (R)

Illinois Treasurer

Michael W Frerichs (D) incumbent

Tom Demmer (R)

Illinois State Senate-District 45

Andrew Chesney (R)

Write in Candidate Gerald H. Podraza (D)

Illinois House of Representatives District 90 (newly drawn district)

John Cabello (R)

Mark Szula (R)

No Democrat running

Illinois House of Representative District 16 (newly drawn district)

Darin LaHood (R) participated in the case before the Supreme Court to have the votes in Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin to be thrown out in order to give Trump the 2022 election.

Federal: US Senate

Tammy Duckworth (D) unopposed

There are 7 Republicans running in the primary to compete with Duckworth

Four out of the 7 candidates are Trump supporters, Kathy Salvi has the best shot (not sure of her Trump support)

Casey Chlebek is a member of the “Trump Make America Great Again Committee”

Peggy Hubbard is Pro-Trump

Robert “Bobby” Piton is QAnon and Trump supporter

Jimmy Tillman supports Trump


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