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I'm collecting collecting signatures this weekend to get Harvard Alderwoman Lisa Haderlein on the ballot to run for Congress in IL-16.

Here are a few options to sign:

🗳️ I'll be on the sidewalk (public property) outside the Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Rock Valley at 329 School Street in Rockton tomorrow after the 10:30 service (so about 11:30).

🗳️ I'll be at Roscoe Beef-A-Roo's outdoor seating area (on the west side of the building) from 12:30 to 2:30pm.

🗳️ I can stop at your house sometime tomorrow before 11 or after 2:30pm if you're in Roscoe, Rockton, or South Beloit and you let me know a few hours when you'll be home.

🗳️ You can stop at my house (12328 N Ledges Dr, Roscoe) anytime today through Tuesday at 4:30pm. Rick Kurtz has his own sheet and is usually home if I'm not. Just text me at 815-543-6666 or him at 815-871-2538. to make sure someone will be there.

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