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Roscoe Township

  • Work is progressing on the Roscoe Township Community Center at Founders Park. The foundation and floor is laid. Walls will be going up in the coming days.

  • We recently learned we were awarded a $337,000 OSLAD Grant from the State of Illinois for the development of the rest of Founders Park, including a pavilion/bandshell.

  • This amounts to a total of over $1 million in state grant funding for the park. This is the most grant funding ever received by Roscoe Township.

  • The Roscoe Township Historical Society continues to privately fund the restoration of the Cross Homestead on the Founders Park property. Donations have mainly come from our local building trades unions. They are also receiving $10,000 from the Winnebago County Community Grant program funded by Biden's American Rescue Plan.

State Central Committee

  • Led by IL-16 State Central Committeeman John Daniel and myself, the 16th District Committee met July 8th to slate Harvard Alderwoman Lisa Haderlein to run for Congress. She has obtained the requisite number of signatures and will file in Springfield July 25th.

  • The new SCC will meet July 30th in Springfield to elect a new Chair.

  • New SCC members are attached.


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