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In our last zoom meeting we talked about putting together a newsletter and I wanted to share a few thoughts in that direction as perhaps a starting point. (with the understanding that not all of these may fit group goals).

I would hope to see us use this as a means to share a 'who's who' of who is running and/or that we decide to support as a group. A means to get the names and faces out in front of readers and to provide talking points for those that want to engage their neighbors in discussion.

There may be local issues that we wish to advocate for or against: Community center, asphalt plant, etc.

I would also hope we can find ways to use this to link national to local. Two that come to mind are that there may be activity to use American Rescue Plan funds to accelerate high speed broadband into poorly covered parts of Winnebago county. That provides a clear talking point when engaging voters since those funds were wholly supported by Democrats with no Republican support, that service will be created because of Democratic leadership. Similarly, apparently ARP funds will be available at the discretion of county board members for use into things like the community center, expanded bike path, etc. Again, funds solely there due to Democratic leadership.

The newsletter can be a tool to educate: ala what is a TIF district and how are they used locally.

Lastly, a section that would allow one (or more) of the group to write a "why I support ..... as a candidate" to allow group members to advocate for a specific candidate they are passionate about and educate the rest of us on why.

For what its worth those are my thoughts as a place for us to start a discussion.

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