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We need to keep an eye on whether PBR PAC funds any of our school board races. From today's capfax: Following the end of his congressional campaign in Illinois’ 14th congressional district, Mike Koolidge has been hired as the Communications Director and Chief Spokesman for People Who Play By The Rules PAC, effective immediately. The “PBR” PAC is a political action committee whose mission is to support gubernatorial candidates and candidates for local offices, particularly school boards, committed to ending the fleecing of people who play by the rules and are gamed by a political system they finance. It will focus especially on equal protection and accountability under the law – American ideals increasingly neglected by too many in the modern political world.

· “We are so pleased to have a talent like Mike join our team and bring his wealth of experience and creativity in crafting substantive, engaging content to the work we’re doing at PBR PAC.” – Dan Proft, President, PBR PAC.

· At the end of June, Koolidge lost his race in the Republican primary to unseat Lauren Underwood in the new Illinois 14th congressional district. Before his run for congress Koolidge hosted and owned his highly successful regionally syndicated radio program The Michael Koolidge Show for 14 years, which he retired from of his own accord in November. Prior to that he served as an active duty U.S. Army officer for six years.

· Koolidge: “I’ve been asked repeatedly if I’m coming back on the radio after my run for congress. While I haven’t ruled it out completely in some form in the future, the opportunity offered by the PBR PAC is one I couldn’t pass up. My love for talk radio and its impact on politics has never ceased, but part of why I ran for congress was to move beyond words and into real action. My role at PBR PAC allows me to do just that, and I couldn’t be more excited about it.”

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