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I hope you're all getting over the shock and starting to think about what more you can do.

We must expand the court, end the filibuster, stop gerrymandering nationwide, and break the stranglehold the Republican Party has on rural America. You can push our Democratic representatives for the first three, but on those fronts our power is limited. The last thing though -- that could become your superpower, and you could start right here in northern Winnebago County!

We are semi-rural American and the Republican Party has a stranglehold on our area. What can YOU do, what can WE do, to break that?

I'm not sure. I'm really asking. We certainly need to be more visible. Our NWinnDems booth at the Roscoe Fall Fest 9/9-11 will help. Any physical, visible presence out in the community helps. What can we do before then? Have a rally/protest?

Indivisible Rural Illinois is doing some good work in this area. You can join their listserv here: You can join them and bring back what you learn.

I feel like I need to do more to change my community right here at home. I hope you do too. I hope we can work together to do just that. I know we will succeed if we do.

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