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I'm posting a second time here on the July 23 gathering/fund raiser. Here at early June it is a busy time what with graduations (yeah!), summer plans and such. BUT, we do need help to pull this event together. Specifically, we're going to need to arrange for some seating and tables (folding chairs and tables), we need a group to decide what food and drinks to have and who can help arrange them. We anticipate some kids may be along so we'll want some easy games to play (bags, croquet?,,,,)

So, not tons of time commitment, but at the moment we have just two of us, and we need a few more to help out. If you can, please drop me a note (

We are expecting to do a brief planning session on June 11 to harden up our plans and who will take on which tasks.

Hope to hear from you soon

Renee Mealey


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