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So I did a bit of digging after our zoom meeting of kid friendly games for the fair. I do still have a flamingo ring toss game that would be suitable for little kids (the rings and the flamingo are inflatable so no danger even if someone gets hit). A bit more adult is the "Pin the ear on Van Gogh" game (I'm sure you can imagine)

If someone is a little crafty, I've seen a little mini bowling pin game where the object is to swing a ball hanging from a yard arm and try to knock down some 3-4 inch tall wooden bowling pins. I can find the bowling pins on line and the crafty part would be the base where the pins would sit and the yard arm. It would be a table top set up, maybe all of 12 inch tall. The ball would just attach to the yard arm and attach with a string.

Anyway, a few ideas to get us started

Renee Mealey


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